Our Programs

Our days are filled with fun and educational activities to stimulate your child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. All of our professional caregivers are experts in early childhood education, and their nurturing spirit makes kids feel safe and assured. 

At St. Thomas Child and Family Center, babies develop trust and security and kids learn their ABC’s, how to share, practice teamwork and, most importantly, learn how to be their most confident selves.

Infants and Babies

In our safe and welcoming nursery, our caregivers rock, snuggle, and soothe to your baby throughout the day.

With individual needs and development levels in mind, we stimulate your baby’s growth with fun learning activities. 

Toddler Care

Our nurturing caretakers stimulate your child with art and sensory activities, joyful music and movement adventures, as well as lots of active play in a safe, supervised environment.

Early Learners

Through fun and educational activities, our energetic teachers lead your little ones in activities that keep their hands busy and their minds inspired.


Through learning activities, we focus on building a positive attitude towards education, social confidence, and fine-tune motor skills.

Your child will explore a variety of subjects, including math, science, reading, and physical education.